Indonesia-Netherlands Technology Partnership Forum (INTPF) 2021 – Webinar Series

INTPF 2021 Webinar Series: Bridging The Gap and Harnessing Sustainable Energy

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Foreword and Background INTPF by Chairman IA-ITB Netherlands (Raymon Frediansyah)

Indonesia and the Netherlands have always maintained close relationships in bilateral economics, trades, and investments. The latest state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to Indonesia in March 2020, joined by immense Dutch business delegates with its economic mission to Indonesia; accentuates and strengthens this valuable Indonesian-Dutch economic relationship further. Technological partnerships, cooperation and investments are an integral part of this bilateral relationship between the two countries. INTPF (Indonesia – the Netherlands Technology Partnership Forum) aims at promoting and fostering these further by becoming an invaluable technological and information hub for stakeholders both in Indonesia and the Netherlands.

INTPF has been set up as a multi-years collaborative project between Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni Network – the Netherlands Chapter (IA-ITB NL) and Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, and this year it is also fully supported by Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN). 

The topic of sustainable and renewable energy was chosen as the focus of INTPF 2021, with the main theme of “Bridging The Gap and Harnessing Sustainable Energy”. While Indonesia aims to increase the renewable energy share to 23% by 2025, in 2020 renewable energy only accounted for 11.2% of the national energy mix sources. Clearly, it remains a challenge moving forward. On the other hand, the Netherlands has a competitive advantage where prominent institutions and companies in this sector are present.

To date, several ongoing partnerships and collaborations have been taking place in this area between the two countries. Giving a few examples (but not limited to): PT Pertamina – LEN – Hyet Solar cooperation in building Indonesia’s first thin film solar PV factory, and joint-development of small-scale and stand-alone hybrid wind power plants in Indonesia between Pondera BV and PT Quadran Energi Rekayasa.

The opening event of INTPF symposium in December 2020 was organized as an initial event addressing “experience-based learnings” from these ongoing initiatives and collaborations. Lessons learned about gaps, challenges, hurdles, and opportunities in establishing partnerships in sustainable energy businesses in Indonesia were shared & discussed.

As follow-up to this symposium, several discussion webinars/webtalks were organized this year to create further opportunities & learnings by zooming-in to selected aspects/topics in sustainability and sustainable energy technologies. These series of webinars unfortunately had to be organized online due to the global corona pandemic.

5 webinar series were successfully held this year with varying emerging topics in renewable energy sectors i.e. hydrogen technology & economy, ocean battery & energy storage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging. Also included in the program, an interesting discussion session on energy efficient data centers using immersion cooling technology. Bear in mind that besides renewable energy implementation, energy efficiency measures are the next important mitigation for CO2 emission reduction globally. Furthermore, as the closing webinar of this year we organized a discussion session on how the carbon tax/trading system may help in reducing global emissions. All webinar series covered the learnings and opportunities from both countries, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

This booklet summarizes the learnings and findings from all INTPF programs in 2021. I am very hopeful and also confident that this collaborative technology forum will foster future potential research collaboration, investment deals, and long-term partnerships between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the years to come.

My sincere appreciation and thanks to all organizing committees of INTPF for their great effort and excellent teamwork, that despite the challenge of global pandemic situation, these programs were successfully held this year. Also my sincere gratitude to all collaborating and supporting partners: Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, ECADIN and IA-ITB in Jakarta. And last but not least, to all stakeholders and speakers who have greatly contributed to these INTPF programs.

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